“Peya has created a world of hardy melodies settled in its mastery of the piano, which plays with heterodox theatrical gestures, and by the hand of singers chosen with good taste and intention.”

Jordi Bianciotto (El Periódico)

With an impressive CV behind her back, musically Clara Peya is unclassifiable. Restless, visceral and transcendent, she flees from clichés and, above all, believes in the power of art as a tool for social transformation.

Clara Peya, considered one of the most prolific and transgressive pianists in the State, is energy and feeling in its purest form. Always with the piano as the center of gravity she composes and writes songs inspired by the sound of artists such as Samora Pinderhughes, RY X, Patrick Watson, Douglas Dare, Beady Belle, or established references such as Portishead or Björk.

With a contagious and torrential artistic personality, her live shows are unique and she captures the attention of the public in a hypnotic way. A tireless activist and fighter, she was recognized with the National Culture Award 2019 for her musical career and social commitment.


Graduated in classical piano at the ESMUC (2007), she studied Jazz and Modern higher studies at the ‘Taller de músics’ of Barcelona. She studied for more than 12 years with Professor Leonid Sintsev with whom she continued her education at the Rimsky Korsakov Conservatory in Saint Petersburg (Russia).

With 35 years she has already presented eleven albums under her name, where she has collaborated with musicians such as Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Judit Neddermann, Toni Pagès, Vic Moliner, Alessio Arena, Ferran Savall, Aleix Tobias, Adrià Plana, Dídak Fernández, Pau Figueres, Elena Gadel and Sandra Sangiao, among others. In addition, she has played with different training throughout Spain, Mexico, France, England and Russia.

She is co-founder of the theater, dance and live music company “Les Impuxibles” and has composed numerous soundtracks for theater and dance shows.

Theater projects

  • Suite Toc (2019) from Les Impuxibles
  • Painball (2018) from Les Impuxibles
  • Medusa (2017) from La Virgueria Teatre (Musical composition)
  • AÜC The sound of cracks (2017) from Les Impuxibles  
  • Billie Jean (2017) from Cia La Intrusa Danza  (Musical composition)
  • Jane Eyre (2017) Directed by Carme Portaceli, co-producted by Teatre Lliure, Barcelona
  • Renard o El Llibre de les bèsties (2016) Directed by Marc Rosich co-produced by Teatre Lliure, Barcelona
  • Pluja (2016) from Cía Guillem Albà (Musical composition and acting)
  • Homes foscos (2016) Musical by David Pintó with music by Clara Peya
  • Enfemme ( 2016) Musical composition of the Documentary
  • Limbo (2015) from Les Impuxibles
  • Llum de paraula (2015) show from Les Impuxibles made for the 50th anniversary of Encyclopaedia
  • 4carmen (2015) Composition of the Autopsy part with boocklet by Marc Angelet. Produced by ‘Òpera de Butxaca’
  • Garbuix (2015) Musical composition of the 20th ‘Circ d’Hivern’, Barcelona
  • Mares i filles (2015) Musical by David Pintó with music by Clara Peya
  • Rudo (2014) Musical composition of the circus show from Cia. Manolo Alcántara
  • Amurs (2014) Spectacle of Les Impocibles co-produced by Versus Teatre
  • Mrs death (2013) from Les Impuxibles, co-production with Versus Teatre
  • Carta blanca (2013) Recital of poetry and music with Sònia Moll
  • Best of you (2012) by La Intrusa Danza (Musical composition)
  • Tot és fum (2012) from Les Impuxibles